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Digital Altitude Reviews – What Is The Aspire Business System?

If you’ve landed here today, odds are you’re doing your homework and taking the time to research Digital Altitude. Good work! 

Does the name ring a bell? Chances are you’ve heard of the company one way or another – maybe someone pitched you the idea, or a friend recommended it.

Now, I bet you’re wondering if Digital Altitude is a scam or not. Well, look no further! We’ll be taking an in-depth look at the company in this Digital Altitude reviews, and I guarantee you’ll leave this page having a much clearer understanding of what Digital Altitude is, and all they have to offer.

Let’s get started!


Digital Altitude is a digital marketing and sales training platform aimed towards digital entrepreneurs. Whew, that was a mouthful, I know.

Basically, at its core, Digital Altitude is an online training course. Created by Michael Force, a former Marine and current entrepreneurial hotshot, Digital Altitude focuses on developing members’ entrepreneurial mindset through mentoring and coaching by successful business leaders.

But Digital Altitude isn’t just an online training course—it’s also a multi-level
marketing (MLM) company. Members can earn more cash by referring other people to their training program.


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Digital Altitude offers 6 main products: lesson plans with cool mountain-inspired names like Aspire, Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak, and Apex. They definitely get a few points for creativity…

Each “product” is a different level of the Digital Altitude training program, with each
having its own unique perks and features. Well, why would I pay money for lessons? Don’t worry, you’re not alone—I thought the same thing.

Basically, the basis of all this training is to help you become a successful online entrepreneur—there are coaches and courses that will walk you through ways to make money online through Digital Altitude, and also help you develop useful business and
entrepreneurial skills that will help you in the future.

Let’s learn a little more about these core products!

Aspire Digital Business Sales System: this is the entry-level lesson plan. There is a
$1 trial period, but the main package will cost you up to $37 per month. With Aspire, you get access to personal coaches, live support, training videos, chats with other entrepreneurs, and merchant services.

Base Digital Business Mastery Course: for $397, you can learn all about the basics of
running a business and building a brand.

Rise Digital Marketing Mastery Course: for $1,497, you receive info and trainings
catered more toward digital entrepreneurs. Learn how to run a digital business in a clear and simple way.

Ascend Digital Business Profit Workshop: with this plan, for $6,997 you also get
exclusive access to a 3-day workshop in Las Vegas. This workshop, led by Michael Force
himself, may also feature other business leaders.

Peak Business Prosper Retreat: for $11,997 you’ll be invited to a five day all-
inclusive retreat where you can learn from leaders in business and also take digital business lessons from Michael Force himself

Apex Digital Business Legacy Experience: for $19,997, this experience involves a 7-day all inclusive retreat for you and a guest. This is meant for those who have already gained experience in digital marketing, and speakers will include experts in asset management and investing experts.

Whew! Alright, that was a lot to take in, I know. And the prices do seem pretty high, to be fair. How will this benefit me? I knew you’d ask. Let’s take a look, then!


Members of Digital Altitude make most of their money on commissions, with members making money each month based on every person they refer to the program. Depending on which product package you invest in, commissions can range from $17 to $12,000!

Aspire: 40% commission… You can earn up to $41 per month.

Base: 60% commission. If you need help to close the sale, however, your commission will drop down to 40%… you can earn up to $160 per sale.

Rise: 60% commission, or 40% with help… You can earn up to $899 per sale.

Ascend: 60% commission, or 40% with help… You can earn up to $1,900 per sale.

Peak: 60% commission, or 40% with help… You can earn up to $4,800 per sale.

Apex: 60% commission, or 40% with help… You can earn up to $8,000 per sale.


Is Digital Altitude a scam? No! It actually seems to be a legit company created by a
respected businessman and former Marine.

Should you join? Well, that depends on a few things…

For anyone who has extra money available to spend and invest, Digital Altitude seems like an enticing venture that may reap nice profits over time.

There isn’t much negative press about Michael Force, and there are numerous success stories of people who have joined Digital Altitude and ended up cashing in.

HOWEVER, the subscriptions may be excessive and burdensome for anyone who may not have much extra money available to spend.

And though Michael Force is a successful entrepreneur himself, and there is opportunity to do well here, success IS NOT guaranteed, and you aren’t PROMISED to be making thousands each month.

As is true with most things in life, there is risk involved, and you have to consider whether or not this program is something you can realistically commit to.

All in all, Digital Altitude is legit!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this article. Please do leave a comment below: feel free to ask a question, or if you are familiar with Digital Altitude do go ahead and share you experiences below!